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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR for short, is “basically a physical response to a particular sound or visual.  It actually makes you feel good.  It’s a tingly sensation on your head, back, neck, or pretty much anywhere.”

At least that’s the definition from a guy quoted in this interesting article.
ASMR has become a YouTube phenomenon, with tons of ASMR videos that have been watched millions of times.  Videos include quiet, repetitive sounds, like the turning pages of a book, or watching and listening to someone have their hair brushed.  Huh?!?
That same guy claims that he used to constantly get migraines, but after six months of watching these videos he only gets one or two a year now.  So I am just throwing it out there in case it helps anyone else.  Read the article at and watch a sample video below.


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