Headache could spell doom for the heart – via KashmirMonitor.in

A healthy brain is imperative for properly functioning organs. So when the head is trapped in the throes of debilitating pain such as a migraine, then the rest of the body also suffers.

According to this article, a recent study published in the BMJ indicated an association between heart health and incidence of migraines.

The risk of heart disease, heart attacks, stroke etc. was found to be higher in women who complained of migraines, when compared to women who did not suffer from the ailment.  In addition, the risk of death due to heart disease was higher with a diagnosis of migraine. These results were consistent even when other risk factors for heart disease, such as age, smoking status, hypertension and hormone treatments, were accounted for.  The risk of heart disease is significant on a population level, as the prevalence of migraine is quite high.  These findings support the inclusion of migraine as an important risk factor, along with the factors classically associated with heart disease, such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol etc.
Read the full article at http://www.kashmirmonitor.in/Details/124591/headache-could-spell-doom-for-the-heart.

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