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Weather can fluctuate dramatically this time of year.   Whether it’s an approaching thunderstorm or a bright sunny day – both can wreak havoc on a headache.
It may be surprising to know just how much weather can affect your headaches.  Research shows that changes in barometric pressure can be linked to migraine headache attacks.

In general, it’s usually a fall in barometric pressure, but for many people it doesn’t matter.  It could be a quick rise in temperature as well, or if there’s going to be thunderstorms.

Experts aren’t exactly sure why weather changes trigger migraine headaches, but they believe that a fall in barometric pressure may force fluid into tissues and cause a disruption in fluid balance.  As barometric pressure falls, people who suffer from migraine headaches will often sense it and become stressed.  Stress hormones can provoke a headache, so managing stress through exercise, deep breathing, or relaxation techniques will help.  Fluid shifts in blood vessels surrounding the brain can cause a headache, so it is recommended to stay hydrated as well.

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