New Team Members – Liza Gipsova and Dimitre Iliev

I’d like to officially welcome Liza Gipsova and Dimitre Iliev to the team!

Liza will be taking on the role of Director of Photography for the film.  She enjoys collaboratively developing and crafting the visual language unique to each story, and draws from a background in traditional, digital, photographic, and theater arts. With the background of being born in the Soviet Union, raised in the DC area, and now a New Yorker, Liza brings a cultural sensitivity and curiosity to each project.  She has shot narrative shorts, documentaries, and commercial work for brands like Nike, Budweiser, Burger King, and VISA.  Liza speaks English and Russian bilingually, a handful of other languages conversationally, and she enjoys equestrian, snow, and water sports.

Check out Liza’s reel below:

And Dimitre will be taking on the role of Visual Effects Supervisor.  He has always had an immense passion for the field of visual effects with its mixture of technical prowess and creativity.  His skills span from compositing to pipeline development and on-set supervision.  He loves challenges and complex problems that push him to find creative solutions, as is evident in the vast list of films and television shows that he has been involved with, including M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, Cinemax’s Outcast, and Mr. Robot.

Dimitre’s reel is a little old but still shows off the great talent that he will bring to the project:

I am very happy to have these two as a part of this film!  More team announcements coming soon!

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