Eating cucumber could help ease your migraine – via

Cassandra Barns, a nutritionist in the U.K, said: “We all know that keeping hydrated is vital for good health.  Symptoms of dehydration can include headaches and migraines, but also dry skin, irritability, lack of concentration and dizziness to name but a few.

The guidelines are for us to drink eight glasses of water per day.  However, we don’t need to get our intake from drink alone – foods can contribute towards our daily intake of water, such as super-hydrating cucumber.

Try to included hydrating foods in your diet.  Cucumbers are one of the top hydrating foods as they are thought to be composed of 96 percent water.  Try adding them to juices, or snack on them.
Read more about this and a number of other ways regular migraines can be prevented or managed at

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