Horror Trailers from Comic-Con!

San Diego Comic-Con International 2017 is in the books, and it had its fair share of horror film and television trailer debuts. STRANGER THINGS AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT DEATH NOTE THE SNOWMAN THE WALKING DEAD The next year is looking spooky!  Maybe ALL IN HER HEAD will be part of 2018’s Comic-Con…

Treating Subclinical Hypothyroidism May Help Migraine – via Medscape.com

New research shows that patients with migraine who have subclinical hypothyroidism and receive thyroid treatment have significantly fewer and less severe headaches. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study showing that treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism was effective in reducing both the frequency and severity of migraine attacks and improved the quality […]

Electric Stim Armband May Reduce Migraine Pain – via PracticalPainManagement.com

Electrical stimulation has shown promise in the treatment of migraines and one device worn on the forehead, the Cefaly, has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the prevention of migraines.  A recently reported study has found that a second electrical stimulation (electric stim) device that is worn on the arm, rather […]

Ptosis Repair Effective for Reducing Tension-Type Headache – via NeurologyAdvisor.com

Common cosmetic surgical procedures for reducing droopy eyelids were shown to improve quality of life in people with frequent tension-type headaches, according to a recent study. The results of the study, by Ilke Bahceci Simsek, MD, of Yeditepe University in Istanbul, were published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.  Headache Impact Test (HIT) scores obtained from two […]

Non-Opioid Drug More Effective for Migraines – via USNews.com

The drug prochlorperazine is more effective than the opioid hydromorphone in treating emergency room patients with acute migraine, a new study reports. According to Dr. Peter Goadsby, chairman of the American Headache Society’s Scientific Program Committee, the opioid painkiller Add to dictionary is given in about 25 percent of all emergency department visits for acute […]

Pharma companies betting big on new migraine prevention drugs – via FoxBusiness.com

Four major pharmaceutical companies are in a race to be the first to offer a drug they say may rapidly reduce—and even prevent—migraines to the more than 38 million Americans affected by the debilitating illness each year. Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, Amgen, and Teva Pharmaceutical have all developed migraine drugs which have completed or are […]

For Headache, Telemedicine May Be as Effective as In-Person Visit – via AAN.com

For people with headache, seeing the neurologist by video for treatment may be as effective as an in-person visit, according to a study published in a recent online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. New technology is available to diagnose and treat people through telemedicine, but few studies have […]

How weather can affect headaches – via Fox2Detroit.com

Weather can fluctuate dramatically this time of year.   Whether it’s an approaching thunderstorm or a bright sunny day – both can wreak havoc on a headache. It may be surprising to know just how much weather can affect your headaches.  Research shows that changes in barometric pressure can be linked to migraine headache attacks. In […]