Incidental Findings on MRI Scans for Primary Headache Are Not Uncommon – via Neurology Today

Diagnostic imaging for headaches can lead to a plethora of incidental findings, many of which may prompt more worries and needless procedures, according to a new paper, discussed here.  But headache specialists say unnecessary imaging can be avoided if neurologists follow certain diagnostic processes, including a thorough neurologic exam. It happens often. A magnetic resonance […]

Headaches You Can Set Your Clock To – via

The pain from a cluster headache is worse than childbirth, patients say. Worse than kidney stones.  More like getting shot in the head or being jabbed in the eye by a sharp object. Mark Burish, director of the Will Erwin Headache Research Center, and his team of neurologists, nurses, scientists, and industry startups hope to demystify and find new treatments for cluster headaches […]

Headache experts to gather in Boston for scientific meeting

2017 American Headache Society Annual Scientific Meeting Highlights Advances in Migraine Treatment and Research Leading clinical researchers on headache disorders, particularly migraine, cluster headache, and post-traumatic headache, will present the latest data on new therapies at the American Headache Society (AHS)’s 59th Annual Scientific Meeting.  The AHS accepted more than 220 scientific abstracts, which include […]

Staring at buildings can give you a migraine – via

According to this article, repetitive patterns in modern structures send our brains into overdrive.  Modern buildings, with their repetitive straight lines, windows, and railings can actually induce migraines because they differ so greatly from nature.  I previously shared an article about the same affect from striped clothing. A research team led by the University of […]

June Is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month.  Show PURPLE to show your support for migraine and headache advocacy, awareness, education, and research. We are echoing the National Headache Foundation in encouraging headache sufferers to be engaged in the management of their headaches and “Rule Your Headache.” Even today, individuals who suffer from migraine or headache deal […]

Genetics in Migraine via

While migraine is often triggered by environmental factors such as stress, impaired sleep, and menstruation, recent findings have shed light on the significant genetic influence associated with the disorder according to this article. There is up to a 4-fold increase in risk in people with a first-degree relative affected by migraines, and twin studies have […]

Vitamin D and Headaches: Too Little? Too much?

I came across a headline this morning about the link between vitamin D deficiency and headaches, so I did a quick Google search on the subject.  The first thing that caught my eye were two recent articles with opposite titles. The first, an article from titled “Why a Vitamin D Deficiency May Explain Your Chronic Headaches”, […]