Headaches You Can Set Your Clock To – via TMC.edu

The pain from a cluster headache is worse than childbirth, patients say. Worse than kidney stones.  More like getting shot in the head or being jabbed in the eye by a sharp object. Mark Burish, director of the Will Erwin Headache Research Center, and his team of neurologists, nurses, scientists, and industry startups hope to demystify and find new treatments for cluster headaches […]

Headache experts to gather in Boston for scientific meeting

2017 American Headache Society Annual Scientific Meeting Highlights Advances in Migraine Treatment and Research Leading clinical researchers on headache disorders, particularly migraine, cluster headache, and post-traumatic headache, will present the latest data on new therapies at the American Headache Society (AHS)’s 59th Annual Scientific Meeting.  The AHS accepted more than 220 scientific abstracts, which include […]

Miracle Migraine Piercing – via KSL.com

I’ve been hearing quite a lot about daith piercing as one potential remedy for migraines.  This article, and the accompanying news story video, gives some excellent background on what it’s all about. Check out the full article at http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=44263071.

Migraine Tools – via Migraine World Summit

Migraine World Summit is an event where 36 world leading migraine experts, doctors, and specialists from around the world are interviewed to help answered the most difficult questions for migraine sufferers in desperate need of relief.  Last year they asked their community what non-medicinal tools they use to help manage migraines.  The result is a curated […]

Headache and Migraine Resources

There are lots of great organizations out there that are dedicated to headache and migraine education, research, and support. If you are a sufferer, know someone who is, or are just interested in learning more, you are highly encouraged to check them out. If you believe that we are missing any other great organizations or [...]