Migraine Misconceptions, RE: Mets’ Matt Harvey

This story that’s been in the news this past week about New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey goes to show why there are real misconceptions about migraines and chronic headaches out there.

Matt Harvey called in sick for Saturday’s game Miami Marlins claiming to have a migraine.  It was later revealed that he had been out late partying with friends the night before (Cinco de Mayo) and then played golf earlier that morning.  Harvey was suspended for three games.
While he did apologize to his teammates, the Mets organization, and the fans, I think there should have been an apology to true migraine sufferers as well.  If he were to use another disease as an “excuse”, let’s say maybe cancer or heart disease, I guarantee that he would be apologizing to a LOT more people.   Now I am certainly not going to compare migraines to cancer, but I do believe that neither should be used to cover a lie.
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