Why does the Horror Genre so Consistently Underachieve? – via StudyBreaks.com

The success of ‘Get Out’ didn’t raise the bar for thrillers; it revealed how low that bar is set.

This great article, by Ashley Wertz at the University of Pittsburgh, talks about four failings that horror movies today have a hard time escaping:
  1. Gratuitous Gore
  2. Stupid Characters
  3. A New Take on Horror
  4. Fun and Games
While there are many classics such as Scream and The Shining, it’s hard to find a horror movie that isn’t just using jump scares or gore to incite fear.

Fear manifests itself in many ways, so there should be many great horror flicks out there.

With Jordan Peele’s recent Get Out, viewers are beginning to see just how relevant horror movies can be, especially in such an uncertain political landscape.
Read the full article at https://studybreaks.com/2017/05/25/horror-films/.
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