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For people with headache, seeing the neurologist by video for treatment may be as effective as an in-person visit, according to a study published in a recent online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

New technology is available to diagnose and treat people through telemedicine, but few studies have looked at whether it is effective for people with headache.

The study involved 402 people with non-acute headaches who had been referred from a primary care doctor to a neurologist.  Half of the participants then had a traditional office visit with a neurologist at a hospital.  The other half came to the hospital but saw the neurologist through video conference.  Participants completed questionnaires about the impact their headaches had on their daily life and about the level of pain at the beginning of the study and again after three months and one year.

The researchers found no differences between the people treated using telemedicine and those who had traditional office visits.

Telemedicine may be valuable for people all over the world who are suffering with headaches and want to see a specialist without any extra hassle or inconvenience.

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