Introducing Jessica Park!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Jessica Park to the team as the lead for ALL IN HER HEAD!

Jessica is an uber-talented actor, writer, and filmmaker whose work spans film, TV, theatre, and radio – both dramatic and comedic.  Always seeking out challenging characters to play and stories to tell, she hopes to use her work to create dialogue and joy.

As a sufferer of chronic migraines, she brings insight and personal experience to the role of Monica in our little film, so we are quite excited at her involvement.

Jessica’s credits include an abundance of great independent films and a minor role in Marvel’s Daredevil.  Check out her acting reel below.


More team announcements coming soon!
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  • yvonne Polk on July 17, 2017

    Miss.Park Welcome to my World I Have Migraines 24/7 and I Know there Feel Like to it not Fun to Migraines at all It kill me so I Have to stay In Bed for Days.and I Know what your Going Though.

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